More Of The Natural World

American  Cardinal

Swamp  Rose

American  Goldfinch

Roadside  Bouquet

Flower  Pot

Pink  Lady  Slipper

Lichen It!


Black  Swallowtail

Flowering  Granite

Flower  Pot

Flowering  Bunchberrys

Grey-eyed  Junco

Monarch Male

Creeping  Beach  Flower


Mossy  Toads  Bed

I  Lichen it Too!

Yellow  Swallowtail

House  Sparrow

Phloxsy Rocksy, West Virginia

Desert Flowers, New Mexico

Tuffted Titmouse

Moss  Bouquet, Kentucky

Colorado Rock Garden

Blue Jay, Michigan

Friends, Michigan

Grey Eyed Junco, Michigan

White Ibis, Florida

Desert Primrose, Nevada

Survival, Arizona Desert

My Little Chicadee!

Blue Jay, Michigan

Indian Paintbrush, Utah

Mountain Asters

Who Are You?

Get Off Of My Cloud!

Wanna Black Eye, Susan?

Tuffted Titmouse

A flower is Nature's way of extending an invitation to come and visit.

In the Natural World, animals are important, 

but plants are the staff of life.

There is much Man can learn from the relationships 

found in the community of Nature.

A butterfly's nature is to make the most of it's short life.

Man should be so wise.

Hecale Longwings




Desert Mosaic

Bestes Buddys

Paper Kite

Green Blackwing

A bird's song should bring joy even to the most jaded of hearts.

Blue Morpho

Sandstone Bouquet

Paper Kite

Can you name it?

Can you name it or not?

    As I ponder all the beauty of the Natural World that I have been witness to, my heart if filled with sadness for all that I have missed....

Dave Hunter

 let some of the Natural World be unused to comfort his soul......

It is Man's nature to let flowers bloom

even in the darkest of hearts...

Nature will let no place in the Natural World be unused, yet Man must

Ring-necked Pheasant

It was nice to be present when I was able to observe

this pleasent pheasant.