Vision Feast From The East

Portland  Head  Light, Maine

Grist  Mill,  West Virginia

Georgia, Spring Thunder

Portland Head Light, Maine

Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC

Concord  Bridge,  Mass.

Bow  Bridge,  New York City

Dogwood Pond, Georgia

Cedar  Falls,  Ohio

911  Site, New York City

Upper Cascade Falls, Minnesota

Mail  Pouch  Barn,  West Virginia

Clearwater  Beach,  Flordia

Mill  Creek  Falls,  West Virginia

Mossy  Glade, West Virginia

Hill  Creek  Falls, West Virginia

76  Falls, Kentucky

Peggy's  Cove, Nova Scotia

Grist  Mill,  West Virginia

Spring  Thunder,  Georgia

Eagle  Falls,  Kentucky

Mail Pouch Barn, West Virginia

Meadowland, Indiana

Douglas Falls, West Virginia

Cedar Falls, Ohio

Springtime, West Virginia

Cathedral Falls, West Virginia

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Peach Tree Falls, West Virginia

Elakala Falls, West Virginia

Montego Bay, Jamacia

Bruce Falls,Canada

Peach Tree Falls, West Virginia

Spring Collage, Georgia

Blackwater Falls, West Virginia

Douglas Falls, West Virginia

Eagle Falls, Kentucky

A fair wind and a guiding light are often needed

to give direction to one's life.

 There is peace to be felt in all places, if only we would let it in.

in the Natural World that he is part of.

End of day, time for reflection and renewal.

It is good when Man takes time out of each day to see and take comfort

Moss Glen Falls, Vermont

Bingham Falls, Vermont

Nature is the mother of all humanity, 

David F. Hunter

Bass Head Light, Maine

Fontana Lake, North Carolina

Georgia Cascade

Smokey Mountain Sunset

Ghost Ship, Florida

 we would be wise to appreciate Her designs of choice...

Lower Bradley Falls, North Carolina

Great Lakes National Cemetary, Michigan