Beauty In Two Great Peninsulas

Abandoned Dreams?

Holly Barn

Bond Falls View

Big  Mac

Crisp  Point  Light

Miner's  Castle

Tahquamenon  Falls

Fall  Birch

Fairy  Garden

Rock  On!

Petosky  Falls

Water  Lillies

Rainbow  Barn

Tannery  Falls

Fall  Byway

Michigan  Monet No. 7

Wagner  Falls

Bond Falls  Mosaic

Alger  Falls

Tahquamenon  Falls

Scott's Falls

Silver Lake Light

Tork's  Woods

Chapel Falls

Winter  Cedar

Fall  Spruce

Superior  Shore

Petosky  Falls

Flaming Birches

Seney  Sunrise

Superior  View

Boon  Farm

Overlooked  Falls

Crisp  Point Light

Tyler's  Lake  Michigan

Ablazing  Maple

Fairy Land Falls

Oakland  Sunrise

Hunter  Lake

Misty  Morn 

Foggy  Fall

Ghost  Tree

Morning  Magic

Autumn  Splender

Fern  Bouquette


Fall  Glory

Moss  @  Maples

Amazing  Maple

Bond  Falls  Bouquet

Tahquamenon  Swamp

Cut  River  Overlook

Munising  Falls

Moss  Bed

Fall  Bouquet

Boon  Barn


Feather  Bed

Manistee  Monet #3

Superior  Sunset

Hunter  Lake  Mosaic

North Manistque Lake

The beauty of Nature is seen with the eye, but felt with the heart.

The passing of water along a river has often reminded me of

man's small place in the Natural World.

If one is a fan of Nature, might Autumn be the World Series?

The river of life often flows in many directions.

Accept every sunrise as a chance to renew positive direction for one's life.

Air and water are in need of human advocates.

Water is the essence of life.

Why is it that man often does not treat it with respect?

It will take an army of trees to bring man to his senses.

For man respects an army more than he respects Nature.

If only I could be wise enough to have

the patience of Nature....

Dave Hunter

Two-hearted River

Fall Splender in da UP, eh!

Bond Falls

Fall's Foot Soldiers

Troy Sunrise, Oakland county

Lake of the Clouds

Shelter Bay

Forty Mile Point Light

Seul Choix Point Light

Manistee National Forest

Fall Sentinals

Point Au Barques Light

Seul Choix Point Light

Fort Gratiot Light

Presque Isle Light

Forty Mile Point Light

Sturgeon Point Light

Old Presque Isle Light

Forty Mile Point Light

Lake Michigamme

Manabezho Falls

Gorge Falls

Bond Falls

Silver Cascades

Silver Rapids

Bond Falls

Like the river, it would be wonderful if man

Silver Cascades

Fall Reflections

Manabezho Falls

Superior Maple

Fall Homestead

Bond Falls

The further man moves away from Nature,

the harder his heart becomes.

The answer to many of man's questions are to be found in nature,

yet we often have failed to ask.

could more often create his own path.